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Travel Information to Bad Ems

Travel by Train: (Recommended)

  • Bad Ems is located 18 km from Koblenz and most conveniently reached by train from Koblenz Hauptbahnhof  (Hbf), which is the Central Train Station in Koblenz. Bad Ems is situated on the railway line between Koblenz and Limburg, for which trains operate until 23:45 daily. A train ticket between Koblenz and Bad Ems currently costs 7.30 Euro. The tickets can be bought at the Koblenz Hbf.
  • Bad Ems has two train stations, namely Bad Ems Bahnhof and Bad Ems West. The venue hotel Häcker's Grand Hotel is situated close to Bad Ems Bahnhof (about 5 minutes walking distance: from the Bahnhof, walk towards the River Lahn and cross the river to find the hotel on your left-hand side).
  • Koblenz can most conveniently be reached by Train from Frankfurt am Main Airport or from Frankfurt am Main Hbf. We recommend that you book your train tickets online in advance using the following link:  

Travel by Taxi: