Open Communications in                   Nonlinear Mathematical Physics
 23-29 June 2024, Germany  


Participants have the choice to stay at the venue hotel, Häcker's Grant Hotel, or at any other accommodation in Bad Ems. Participants should please make their own bookings using the booking service or any other online booking provider, but for bookings at the Häckers' Hotel please contact the hotel directly (see below). Accommodation in Bad Ems starts from around 60 Euro per day and participants are adviced to book early for the best choices. Please visit Häcker's Grand Hotel for more details about this hotel. The address is: Römerstraße 1-3, 56130 Bad Ems, Germany, tel: +49(0)26037990.

The special prices at Häcker's Grand Hotel for our participants are as follows:

  • Single Rooms per day including breakfast: 130 Euro
  • Double Rooms per day including breakfast: 240 Euro (so 120 Euro per person sharing)
  • You can now book a room at this hotel. Contact details are on the hotel website. The best way to make a booking at this hotel is to phone the hotel at the number +49(0)26037990. To get the above indicated spacial rate, please mention that you are a participant of this conference when you make your booking. You may also contact this hotel at the following E-Mail:

Some additional information about accommodation in Bad Ems:

  • The four star hotel "Emser Thermen Hotel" is another excellent choice to stay at in Bad Ems. This hotel can not be booked over Please visit the hotel website for further information. Note that this hotel is directly connected to the Emser Therme and the hotel provides special offers for their guests regarding access to this Thermal Bath house.
  • Several holiday apartments in Bad Ems are also provided by the organisation called Palatium Bad Ems at affordable prices. These can be booked directly from the given link or via Palatium offers one-room apartments as well as apartments with several bedrooms, in case you want to share an apartment with someone (size: between 45 square meters to 130 square meters).